New! Version 4
for Windows and Mac

Comprehensive software for ear training and aural tests. Suitable for all levels.

New! Cloud Editions now available

It's the same powerful software, but with no network setup, no serial numbers and much easier deployment. Students and teachers can now interact and track their progress regardless of their location; in the lab, on a laptop or on their home computer - wherever they have an internet connection.

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About Auralia

With 41 topics, Auralia is by far the most comprehensive ear training package! Auralia's drill based teaching is a fun and easy way to use your computer for ear training. Auralia leads you through a variety of graded exercises, and presents instant feedback. All of your results are recorded, and you may sing or play your answers using your microphone or MIDI keyboard. Auralia is suitable for both classical and contemporary musicians of any age and ability!

New! Auralia 4 for Windows and Mac

  • Hundreds of exercises in 41 topics
  • Support for multiple syllabi
  • Level customization
  • Enhanced notation
  • Bright new interface
  • All the features of Auralia 3.5

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Existing Features

For those of you that haven’t used Auralia before, or have old versions that need upgrading, here are some of the other main features.


41 ear training topics, divided into 5 topic groups;

  • Intervals and Scales
  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony & Form
  • Pitch & Melody

"Well designed, discrete programs such as these can only enhance and reinforce children's musical skills and help prepare them for the joy of playing with other young musicians"

Times Educational Supplement


Auralia's interactive lessons make ear training easy and fun. It guides students through hundreds of graded exercises and gives instant feedback. You can even play or sing answers using a MIDI keyboard or microphone. Auralia automatically marks the exercises so students can use it on their own, freeing up hours of teaching time. It even records student results so you can monitor their progress over time.

Auralia is perfect for schools, colleges, universities and anyone learning or teaching an instrument.

"The Sibelius suite of educational software has revolutionized my music teaching. In particular, Auralia has made ear training much more accessible for students and has enabled me to set out-of-class activities that I was previously unable to do.

"I use Auralia with my entire class via an interactive whiteboard and assign groups of pupils individual tasks.

"Individual pupils can keep detailed personalized records of their progress.

"In my school, Auralia transformed ear training from being a time consuming activity with my entire class to a much more individualized learning experience that is made accessible and enjoyable for all."

Matthew Haworth, Egglescliffe School,
Stockton-on-Tees, England

Interactive Drills and Testing


Auralia has hundreds of exercises from beginner to advanced levels, covering 41 topics such as:

  • Identify & sing intervals, and notes from chords
  • Melodic and rhythmic dictation
  • Identify cadences
  • Recognize and correct poor tuning
  • Sing upper or lower part of a two-part phrase
  • Write down chord progressions

The tests are designed for classical, jazz and rock/pop students, with special exercises on jazz/contemporary scales, chords and progressions.

Computer requirements

Auralia 4 is available for Windows and Mac

Requirements: Minimum requirements:

Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 512MB+ RAM, 200MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive.

Mac: Intel processors only, Mac OS X 10.6.8, Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later, 512MB+ RAM, 400MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive.

All platforms: Microphone optional


Versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP are no longer supported, and Macs with PowerPC processors (e.g. PowerMac G4, PowerMac G5, original iMac, PowerBook G4, etc.) or versions of Mac OS X prior to Mac OS X 10.6 cannot use Musition 4.

Lab packs and networkable site licenses of Auralia 4 are also available (details on request).

Past Awards for Auralia

BETT Award 2007 shortlistedAuralia 3 was shortlisted for an award in the 'Digital Content, Secondary' category of the 2007 BETT Awards.

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ERA FinalistAuralia 3 was shortlisted for Education Resources: Secondary ICT in the BESA Education Resource Awards.

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AMA AwardsAuralia 3 won the Best Australian Made Product at the AMA 2005 awards.

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Select, play or sing

Some tests in Auralia have multiple-choice questions; others let you answer by clicking an on-screen piano keyboard, playing on a MIDI keyboard; Auralia even lets you sing into a microphone!

"What a joy to have it [ear training] all done for you!"


Advance quickly

Auralia has graded levels, so students can progress to more advanced exercises as they improve.

The professorWhen a student has mastered a topic at a particular level and is achieving good test marks, 'The Professor' will automatically move them up to the next level. You can even create your own tests to suit your students' requirements.

Track student progress

ReportsAuralia records all your results, for you to view on screen or print out.

You can print student and class results in any of 25 useful reports, and marks are compiled over time so you can monitor students' progress from week to week.

If you use a network, all student results are stored in a single central database, whichever computer they work on.

Complete reference

If you get stuck, or need some extra help, Auralia includes detailed on-screen reference information, with helpful music examples to listen to.


Educational levels

Secondary/High School
Instrument lessons