Sibelius or Finale®?

Sibelius 6 boxAre you deciding whether to buy Sibelius 6 or Finale?

Or to upgrade to Finale 2009?

You could just switch to Sibelius now - and take advantage of our special competitive upgrade price. And not only does Sibelius do all of the things Finale 2009 claims to do - including multi-page editing, full VST/AU virtual instruments and effects support, and a fast, simple way to input markings like dynamics, tempo markings, etc. - but you'll also benefit from Magnetic Layout, versions and comments, Classroom Control, ReWire support, more than 1700 ready-made worksheets, Internet publishing, easy graphics export, and much more.

How to decide?

Well, we can't make your mind up for you - of course, we say Sibelius 6 is better. (Over 35,000 Finale users have already decided to switch.) But maybe it's just because - it's true.

"Sibelius is easier to learn, easier to use, and puts the fun back into writing music"

Michael Boo, composer & arranger
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So what's the difference?

Sibelius is easy and fast to learn and use. In fact, our users say it's a pleasure to use (would you say that of your current program?) Only Sibelius is so easy that one and the same program is used in elementary schools and by the world's leading composers.

Sibelius will also save you a great deal of time. Not just time saved from figuring out complex features, tools and dialogs, but also because it feels natural to use - designed from a musician's viewpoint rather than a programmer's. Sibelius does what you expect, so you don't have to think about it.

But even leaving aside speed and ease of use, there's still a wide gap. Comparing Sibelius 6 with Finale 2009, you'll find that only Sibelius includes:

  • Automatic collision avoidance for every object in your score. You can only find Magnetic Layout in Sibelius.
  • Multiple versions of a score saved in the same file, so you can easily keep track of complex projects. You can even compare two different versions (or even two separate scores), and see the differences marked up in the score.
  • Sync with your sequencer or DAW using ReWire. Route audio from Sibelius directly into your DAW, or keep the two programs perfectly in sync while you work. Only Sibelius can do this.
  • Parts that instantly update when you add music or revise the score with the most flexibility. Need to put bar numbers in a different position in your full score and every part? Need to adjust the horizontal positions of hairpins and other expressions? Only Sibelius allows you to do it.
  • Internet publishing, so anyone can view, play, transpose and print your music straight from their web browser. You can even sell your music, or put teaching materials online for your students to download.
  • 1700 ready-made worksheets, posters, songs, instrumental pieces and other resources to choose from.
  • Composing to video in sync with the score that includes real hit points and timecode, giving you professional-level tools for matching your music to the action.

That's because where Sibelius leads, others follow - not just the above, but also major innovations such as built-in scanning.

Editing the full score (left) automatically changes the part (right)

How do we do it?

We invest a huge amount of time, care and attention into every new version. Releasing annual versions is inefficient, and makes for thin upgrades; radical new features require a great deal of time and effort to create.

We spend months consulting with musicians and educators worldwide, and take all of their views and ideas into account. Plus, we always add a little sprinkling of our own magic. Followed by many months of specification, programming, feedback and testing, we ensure that every new version of Sibelius is a dramatic improvement.

"I was one of those [Finale users] who, with all the assurance born of ignorance, used to bash Sibelius without having given it a fair trial. After using Sibelius for several weeks now and having adjusted to its differences, I simply cannot imagine ever going back to Finale."

John Melby
Emeritus Professor, University of Illinois

How easy is it to switch?

Very easy. Learning Sibelius takes just a few hours – assisted by an excellent manual and helpful on-screen videos. Plus, Sibelius opens MusicXML files, so you can transfer all your existing scores across.

And if that doesn't persuade you, we offer an excellent discount to Finale users.

Sibelius 6 Competitive Upgrade (for Mac and Windows) just $199

Finale®, Encore®, or Mosaic® and Sibelius Student Edition users can save up to $400 by purchasing a Sibelius 6 Competitive Upgrade.

Available through your local music software retail store, or buy it on-line now!

Decide for yourself

Like we said, don't just take our word for it – see what's new, check out the features, and try it for yourself.

Competitive upgrade terms & conditions

North/Central/South America: Offer only available to Finale, Encore, Mosaic and Sibelius Student Edition users residing within North, Central and South America (Allegro, PrintMusic, Finale Guitar etc. are not eligible). Limit one competitive upgrade per copy of Finale, Encore, Mosaic, or Sibelius Student Edition, for own use only. You must provide proof of ownership of Finale, Encore, Mosaic, or Sibelius Student Edition by mailing the first and second pages of your table of contents in your user manual or send us your original program CD. Photocopies of the manual pages will not be accepted. If unable to comply with requirements, registration will be denied.

Other countries: Discount of around 35% in most countries. Offer only available to Finale & Encore users (Allegro, PrintMusic, Finale Guitar etc. are not eligible). Proof of Finale/Encore ownership required. Only one upgrade per individual or organisation, for own use only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Further conditions may apply in some countries; contact your country's distributor for full offer details.

35,000 figure based on actual data collected on previous software usage at time of Sibelius registration. Finale is a registered trademark of MakeMusic Inc.